Our History

Capital Credit Union started from small beginnings in March 1966 with barely €1.

Our History


When we started, members joined the credit union from Dundrum parish. The credit union was open for business only one night a week, a Friday night, and the first office was a room over the Dundrum Library.


Over the years, the credit union has moved premises many times, moving finally in 1986 to where it stands today, Pembroke Lodge on the Main Street in Dundrum. Now we have doubled in size and have numerous offices around the Dublin area.


Capital Credit Union is made up of a highly dedicated voluntary Board of Directors, Board Oversight Committee and full-time and part-time staff and dedicated volunteers. Our membership continues to grow and the credit union remains committed to putting its members first.


International history of Credit Unions


The Credit Union movement began in Germany in 1847. Currently there are over 55,000 credit unions across the globe serving 93 million members in 84 different countries.


The World Council of Credit Unions represents the movement, and supports them in countries across the world. The Irish League of Credit Unions  is the Irish member in this world council.


History of Credit Unions in Ireland


Credit unions were introduced to Ireland in 1958. Pioneers introducing the mutual self-help philosophy in credit unions couldn’t have foreseen that today there are nearly 400 active credit unions in the Republic of Ireland.


Over 2.9 million people in Ireland are a member of a credit union in Ireland and, collectively, have close on €11.9 billion in savings. More than 3,500 people are employed by credit unions in Ireland and a further 9,200 people actively volunteer in their community’s credit union.