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Advantages of a Credit Union Business Loan

Advantages of a Credit Union Business Loan

While borrowing for your business can seem daunting, it shouldn’t have to be.

At Capital Credit Union, we want to ensure businesses have the same warm and member-centric experience as our personal borrowers do. We know first-hand the importance of our self-employed and business owners to the local community, and we want to support them as much as we can to grow their business.

When creating our business loan product, called BizFin, we engaged with businesses in our local community and bodies, like Chambers of Commerce. Thanks to their feedback, we created a streamlined product that puts businesses first.

Some of the features of BizFin include:

  • Competitive interest rates, including discounted rates for Green Loans
  • A straightforward underwriting process
  • Loan Cover Protection (T&Cs Apply)
  • Fast decision-making

Also, like our personal loans, every Credit Union business loan application will have a dedicated staff member. This means you won’t be jumping from person to person, but you’ll know who your point of contact is throughout your borrowing journey with us.

We will only ask businesses for documentation that will assist with your application. There is no jargon or unnecessary waiting times, we want to assist with your application and help make your dreams a reality.

To conclude, if you’re thinking of growing your business and need finance to take the next steps, get in touch with Capital Credit Union at the link below to see if we can help.

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