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How To Register For Online Banking 




Logging in to CuOnline


Existing CuOnline users can log in to CuOnline with your existing Username and Password.


There will also be stronger security that requires a unique security code.


When you first log in to CuOnline you will need to enter your Username and Password,


Logging In to Cuonline



A unique security code will then be sent by text to your mobile.


How to log in



After you enter this security code you will be asked to enter your PIN. Please note that you will only need to enter your PIN once to activate the new security log in. After you enter your pin you will have full access to your online banking account.



Online banking tutorial


After you log in to CuOnline, you will be asked to create a memorable word, this is only required when you forget your password and need to reset it.


Each time that you log in again, a new security code will be sent to your mobile and your PIN will no longer be required.


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What is Strong Customer Authentication ?

This provides greater security when you access your accounts online. It is part of the EU’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and becomes law for all financial institutions on 14th September 2019.


This Strong Customer Authentication will be used anytime you:

  • Access your account
  • Initiate a payment
  • Create a new payee
  • Set up a recurring payments.



PSD2 provides protections when you bank online and make online purchases.



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