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Supporting Your Staff During The Covid-19 Pandemic


How Things Stand

As the weeks have progressed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this won’t be a quick fix.


With payment breaks and moratoriums, our members need a financial organisation that they can trust now more than ever. Capital Credit Union is here to help you in these unprecedented times where we all need to be a bit more creative.


One of the ways we can do this is through our employee benefit package that is free for the company and the staff who use it, CU@Work.


Let’s Explain

CU@Work is Capital Credit Union’s employee benefit package. It was set-up to give companies an extra benefit as part of their work package. Currently, we have over a dozen partners including Facebook, The Beacon Hospital, LEO Pharma and Allianz with more joining every month.


Staff are invited to become members of Capital Credit Union at one of our activation days on-site or remotely. We make things as easy as possible for employers and staff. We can sign people up, answer and queries and even take loan applications over the phone or without ever leaving the office or even your home!


The Benefits

Before we start, the first thing to know is that CU@Work is free to install and maintain for any company.


We firmly believe in our community ethos and do not want cost to be a factor, regardless of how many staff you have. The primary benefits, along with all the other services, through CU@Work are:

  • A Personal Account Manager
  • Priority Access To Our Loans Team
  • No Administration Or Transaction Fees
  • 24/7 Online Banking
  • Option To Save Through Payroll


What Makes CU@Work Different

The next few months are going to be scary for many people even after the pandemic has passed, especially financially. The difference with CU@Work is that we put our members first and help them gain control over their finances. An account with us means there will never be any sneaky charges or transaction fees.


If your staff need to borrow, our loans are normally approved within 24 to 48 hours and members can borrow up to €100,000 unsecured. With Capital Credit Union you can borrow the day you join, and repayments are based on affordability. We also provide a range of services for our members.


What Community Banking Looks Like

Unlike the traditional banks who seem to be constantly increasing fees, we are putting money back into our local community. As a not-for-profit, our money is given back to our members in the form of sponsorship to help local clubs and organisations along with services. Our CU@Work scheme will give you staff access to an experienced institution and people that know how to help.


Introduce It Remotely

Not only is this service free but it can also be offered remotely to help your employees even if they are working from home!


Members can now join Capital Credit Union online and after one of your employees apply, they will be called by their Personal Account Manager. Their Personal Account Manager will go through our services from savings to loans, we can even take a loan application over the phone there and then.


Going Forward

The Coronavirus will have untold effects on Irish society.


Implementing CU@Work in your company will give your staff priority access to a financial co-operative that puts them first. An account with us is without obligation or charges, we will be there to help you.


If you would like more information or would like to introduce CU@Work, please click on the PDF below.

Capital Credit Union CU@Work


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