European & Irish Bank Holiday Payment Notice - Capital Credit Union

European & Irish Bank Holiday Payment Notice

Member Notice

Friday 1st May 2020 is a European Bank Holiday & Monday 4th May is an Irish Bank Holiday.


While our offices will remain open, this means electronic payments cannot be made for value Friday 1st May in Ireland. Also May 4th is an Irish bank holiday so anyone expecting payments into their Credit Union account on Friday 1st, may not receive the payment until Tuesday, May 5th.


Also if you are due to make an outward payment (including a recurring payment) you should allow extra time for these payments to reach the beneficiary – ideally you should ensure these payments are made by Wednesday April 29th. Be sure to check all your direct debits, standing orders etc to make sure that all is in order in advance of this time.


Standard payment processing cycles will apply from Tuesday 5th May.

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