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Blog: Getting Back To Normal

Blog: Getting Back To Normal

What’s New and What’s Normal?

The “New Normal” is a phrase that has been thrown around a lot since the world went into lockdown over a year ago. Since then, it is one of those phrases that we have just become used to along with the likes of “social distancing”, “lockdown” and “unprecedented”.

At Capital Credit Union, we are just as tired of these phrases as you are.  As the economy begins to reopen, we want to be the ones to help our members get back to normal.

Like everyone else, we have been amazed at the resilience of local businesses to survive over the past 16 months. They have had to deal with the double body blow of Brexit and then Covid-19, both of which have hit the tourism and hospitality sector particularly hard.

Ways To Support Local Business

The good news is that there is a simple way to help our friends and family in these industries and that is to visit them. Whether it’s getting a coffee along the beautiful Sandymount Strand, going on a shopping trip to Dundrum Town Centre or going out for food/drinks in any of our amazing pubs and restaurants in the city centre, there are so many ways we can help.

As a society, it is so important that we continue to keep our togetherness which has sustained us through the lockdowns. Better times are ahead and by supporting our businesses we can enhance our local economy and the communities that it sustains.

Helping You Get Back To Normal

At Capital Credit Union, we are committed to doing this too. Last December we bought gift cards from dozens of local businesses and raffled them to our members. We will be doing something similar in the months ahead! We have also begun to offer SME Loans up to €300,000 for local businesses.

We know that taking on more debt might be the last thing that businesses want to do. That is why at Capital Credit Union, we are here to help and talk members through the process. So, even if it’s only for a chat, businesses can get in touch with us to review their options if they are considering a business loan.

For any members who are looking to borrow again, whether it is for a staycation, a new car or anything in between, Capital Credit Union have a competitive range of personal loans. If you are ever looking for more information on our loans, you can use our Loan Calculator.