How to apply for a loan

Here Are The Advantages Of A Capital Credit Union Loan


Applying for a loan with Capital Credit Union is easy, first in order to apply for a loan you must be a member of Capital Credit Union. If you are not a member why not join? It only takes 10-15 minutes to join, you can find more information on how to join or what documents you need to become a member by clicking here.


Please Note: You might already be an existing member of another Credit Union, If this Credit Union is not called Capital Credit Union, you will need to contact the name of the other Credit Union you are an existing member of.


Already a member of Capital? 


Great! Now you can get started on your loan application. Check below what documents may be needed to proceed with your loan application, bear in mind our loans team may require additional documents, this depends on the amount you wish to borrow. Choose which type of loan you are looking for and calculate your repayments with our handy loan calculator. Click ‘Enquire Now’ and fill in your contact details . Click ‘Submit’ and one of our loans officers will contact you shortly.


What documents do I need to apply for a loan?


If you are an existing member of Capital Credit Union


  • Proof of ID e.g. passport photo, driving license
  • Proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statements
  • Proof of income e.g. recent payslip, social welfare receipt


You may not require all of the documents above or require additional documents, this depends on whether you are a member of Capital Credit Union and the amount you wish to borrow.


Phone a loan


If you prefer to talk through your loan application you can call us on (01) 299 0400 and ask to speak to a loan officer, we will be delighted to go through the application with you.


You don’t need to build up savings to apply for a loan.


With Capital Credit Union, the amount you can borrow is based on your ability to repay, not just your savings. We consider your income and commitments when assessing a loan application.


Now you are ready!


Now you know how to apply for a loan, you can view our loan calculator by clicking here.




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