CUOnline: How To Login

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Transfer Funds In/Out Of Your Account

Apply For A Loan

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How To Login To CUOnline For The First Time


Step 1 – Logging In

  • When you receive your PIN, go to our website and this time click ‘Login’ on the top right corner
  • Type in your Username – Remember this is case sensitive
  • Click ‘Continue
  • Type in your Password – Remember this is case sensitive
  • Click ‘Continue

The first thing you will notice is the subject line ‘Please Approve This Request’.


  • Scroll down within the text box until you see ‘Generate One Time Passcode‘.
  • Click This
  • You will receive a text message from Capital CU with a 4-digit ‘One Time Passcode’ number.

Please noteThis is not to be confused with the 8-digit PIN Number which you have received earlier


  • Enter the ‘One Time Passcode’ into the text box
  • Click ‘I Approve This Activity


Step 2 – Your PIN

  • An Important Information message will pop up asking you to ‘Enter your PIN Number’. This is the text message with the 8-digit code you received earlier from CapitalCU with the wording
  • Enter PIN and click ‘Submit’

Please Note – The PIN is used only once and may now been discarded


Step 3 – Your Memorable Word

  • You will be asked to create your ‘Memorable Word’. This will only be needed in the case that you forget your Password so please remember it or keep it secure in a safe place.
  • Click ‘Submit’



You now have full access to your CUOnline+ Account and you can now:

  • View all your account 24/7
  • Transfer Funds In/Out of your Account
  • Apply For A Loan
  • Make a lodgement using your Debit Card
  • Submit Documentation to support a loan application