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Important Member Notice: Protect Yourself Against Fraud


Dear Members,


We are here to help and your financial health is our top priority. Although Capital Credit Union members have not been affected, we have been made aware of an increase in the number of Fraud cases involving credit union members across the country. The fraud relates to incoming and outgoing payments in members accounts.


If you ever consider any activity with your credit union account appears suspicious from texts to calls to payments, please contact us directly.


A new website has been set up and called FraudSmart. Some excellent features of FraudSmart include:

·  Latest News & Alerts – This includes updates on the latest fraud trends and alerts to emerging fraud scams

·  Alerts – You can sign up to receive fraud alerts from the Fraudsmart website

·  Jargon Buster – Explains the common fraud scams in plain English

·  Useful Security Links – Contains links to useful security information sites

·  Social Media Access – Through Facebook and Twitter.


In terms of Capital Credit Union, we’d like to remind our members to be aware of some phishing scams by following the steps below:

1. Please report any suspicious phone calls or emails requesting you disclose your personal details to Capital Credit Union immediately on our dedicated number (01) 299 0400

2. Never disclose any information to a third party

3. Don’t click or open attachments on messages/emails unless you know the source

4. Never make a payment using an unsecured site or if you aren’t sure that the recipient is legitimate


Thank you and stay safe!

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