Student Loan

Going to college?

We can help cover your costs.

College can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be very expensive. Whether you’re a student or parent of a student, we can help cover the costs of accommodation, fees (or any other college related expenses) with our great value Student Loan.


Why choose Capital Credit Union?

 Our services are designed for third level students who want a better way of banking. In fact, we offer many services that aren’t available from the banks. We foster good habits for students to save regularly and budget more efficiently. Best of all, we provide flexible loans at great rates to make college an experience to remember!


Our Student Loans are the best:

  • Great value interest rate – only 6.7% APR*
  • Quick loan decision – usually within 24 hours
  • High loan approval rating – over 95%
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Free loan protection insurance




Win a 3rd Level Scholarship Draw worth €1,500


Students with a Capital Credit Union account have the chance to enter our Third Level Scholarship Draw. This year, we are giving away up to 20 Scholarships worth €1,500 each.


More information at  Capital Credit Union Scholarship

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Student Loan

We understand that third level education can be expensive. Whether you're a student , mature student or a parent of a student - we can help with the cost of education. Our great value loans can be used for any third level education purpose!

Student Loan
€ 7,000 Loan amount
APR* = 6.7%
  • Loan Amount € 7000
  • Monthly Repayment €---
  • Loan Term 2 Years
  • Total Repayments €---
  • Total Cost of Credit 1 Years

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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