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Member Car Draw: New Monthly Prizes

Member Car Draw: New Monthly Prizes

From January 2022, the prizes for Capital Credit Unions Member Car Draw will change so that more prizes (and cash!) are given away every month!

The Current Plan

Currently, Capital Credit Union gives away €27,500 every month with Bumper Draws over the course of the year.

Current Plan
Number of Prizes Prize
1 €17,500 or a Toyota Yaris
1 €5,000
5 €1,000

The New Plan from January 2022

Starting in January 2022, an extra €5,000 will be given away in cash prizes to members along with two guaranteed Bumper Car Draws in January and July. This means the monthly draws will now look as follows:

New Plan
Number of Prizes Prize
1 €17,500 or a Toyota Aygo
1 €5,000
10 €1,000


For the months of January and June, in addition to the prizes above, there will be a new top prize with the winner getting to choose between a Hybrid Yaris Cross or a Hybrid Corolla Hatchback*! This means January and July will see almost €60,000 given away with all other months worth €32,500.

Depending on the surplus available, we also hope to host more Bumper Car Draws throughout the year where extra cash prizes will be given away too!

And The Best Part?

It still only costs €5 a month to join! If you’d like to sign up today, click on the link below to be in January’s Car Draw!

Click Here to Join the Car Draw

*Depending on availability one or both cars may be available