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Member Stories Around the Community


Supporting the community is a huge priority at Capital Credit Union and every year we contribute towards any groups from sports teams, charity groups to schools and various other community backed projects. This is why we are delighted to launch our member stories which is a compilation of our most recent sponsorships along with a story on the group and how the sponsorship helped their project. Here the guys from Blarney Community Garden talk to us about their little vibrant garden close to our Sundrive Office.



Blarney Park Community Garden


We were delighted to sponsor €500 towards the Blarney Community Garden

The Blarney Garden is part of the Dublin Community Growers who are a network that redevelop disused urban areas into sustainable areas for locals to socialise and share their passion for gardening. We caught up with Gerry who maintains the garden and he explained how the Blarney Community Garden works.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in your organisation?

The community garden and allotments provide a way to socialise, while also providing an outlet for a passion in gardening.  Experienced gardeners and growers offer advice combined with the enthusiasm of newcomers of all ages and it makes the place a vibrant space for the community at large.


What does your group or team do on a day-to-day basis?

This is dependent on the season and on the weather.  In the spring we grow seedlings for planting out in the summer months, in summer it is all about weeding and keeping our plants watered, during this time there is also a lot of work for our bee-keepers who look after our bees.


Blarney Community Garden
Using a solar powered pump to water the flowers


We run workshops and open days where we get to show off the fruits of our labour to the community at large and also to canvas for volunteers for our community garden.  In the autumn, it is all about the harvest, both of vegetables and honey. In winter we do the odd jobs in the garden like cleaning out our poly tunnel and garden container, clean the hives and prepare the bees for the winter months.


We also visit a local orchard where we get apples for apple pressing. At Christmas we run Christmas wreath making workshops. In last number of years this has been a collaboration with Dublin Community Gardens and the charity walk. We had hoped to run a Christmas market this year where we would sell honey candles and plants to fund other projects in the garden but Covid 19 means we had to postpone it.


Blarney Garden
Old crates reused as planters


What does this sponsorship mean to your group and what will it allow you do?

The sponsorship from Capital Credit Union will be used to enhance the garden, to buy tools and also contribute to the cost of a toilet which we need if we are going to be able to invite more people in.


Why did you think of applying to Capital Credit Union?

A number of our gardeners are members of Capital and other Credit Unions.  We also know that Credit Unions have been at the heart of the community for so long and thought there would be a nice symmetry between the two.


blarney garden


What are your hopes for your group/team going forward?

We have ambitions to place our garden and allotments at the heart of the community and run more open days and community days.


The guys in the Blarney Garden have been doing some fantastic work over the year and we were absolutely thrilled to contribute towards such a community backed initiative.





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