Members Death Benefit Insurance

Members Death Benefit Insurance

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

€3,250 Benefit for under €1 per week

What is Death Benefit Insurance?

The main purpose of Death Benefit Insurance is to provide basic life cover to credit union members at an affordable price. It is an additional service designed to lighten the financial burden of bereavement.


What are the benefits?

A sum of €3,250 will be paid to provide additional support for the bereavement costs. Payment will normally be made directly to the Funeral Undertaker or to the person who can provide evidence that they have paid the funeral expenses.


How much does it cost?

The cost is €48 per annum (including our admin fee), which is less than €1 per week – a small price to pay to give you and your loved ones added peace of mind.


You can join the programme if you:


  • Are between the age of 16 and 71 years
  • Continue to be a member of the Credit Union
  • Are, or were, covered by your Credit Union’s Life Savings Insurance Programme and opted to join this programme prior to one of the pre-agreed ernrolment periods; and
  • Join the Credit Union following 1st January, 2018, and/or you are an existing member currently under the age of 71, who had ‘opted-in’ during the prior ‘opted-in’ periods permitted by the Credit Union.


How can I sign up for MDBI?



Pre-existing medical conditions covered after 6 months* Guaranteed acceptance without medical*


*Terms and Conditions Apply