Payment Services

Payment Services


1. Direct Debit Payments


Direct debit is a simple, reliable and economic way of saving or repaying a loan.


It has many benefits:


  • No need to write or post cheques
  • No need to visit our offices
  • No need to manually remember


The service is free of charge to members of Capital Credit Union (bank fees may apply).


How do I set up a direct debit?


To set up a direct debit, just download a direct debit mandate or call into any of our offices for a physical copy. Once completed and returned, it authorises us to deduct the relevant amount from your bank account on a periodic basis (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).


2. Debit Card Payments


For added convenience, we accept debit card payments from our members. You can make a loan repayment or savings lodgement in our office, over the phone or on our website (if you have registered for online banking). The service is free of charge to members of Capital Credit Union.


Please note: We do not offer cash back on debit card transactions. Similarly, we do not accept credit card payments.



3. Transferring Money


Did you know that you can have your share withdrawal or loans cheque transferred electronically from your credit union account to your bank account? It only takes 2 working days to transfer the funds, saving you time and hassle.