Primary School Savings Scheme

Rewards for you and your school when you join


Benefits to the School

  • Annual grant for sports equipment and recreational resources based on the number of children who participate in the scheme
  • Introduces a habit of regular saving at a young age


Benefits to the Child

  • Free gift upon signing up every time they make a lodgement
  • Bumper prize draw twice a year (in April and December)
  • Opportunity to participate in the Annual School Quiz


How does the scheme work?

  • If a child is a member, they can collect the School Saving Scheme folder at their branch immediately; otherwise they must first become a member.
  • In the folder is a cash log sheet and a Savers Reward Card.
  • The child records their weekly lodgements in their cash log sheet. This is witnessed and signed by one of their parents; they don’t need to bring this to the branch.
  • The child visits one of our branches to lodge their savings, accompanied by a parent; they only need to bring their Savers Reward Card.
  • Each time a child visits a branch to make a lodgement, they receive a gift and sticker.
  • If a child visits a branch five times, their names are entered in a bumper prize draw twice a year (in April and December).


For more information:

Call: 01 299 0400

Visit: Any of our branches