Stay Local, Borrow Local, Spend Local



The Credit Union has always been at the heart of the community through good times and bad, we are not driven by profit and always put our members first. Covid 19 has hit all of us around the country, so now more than ever it is vital that we all work together to build back our communities. For this reason Credit Unions around Dublin have joined forces and created a campaign to focus on supporting small and local businesses by Staying Local, Borrowing Local and Spending Local.


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And our 4th Podcast here talks about how credit unions support our communities through sponsorship

Stay Local

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Borrow Local

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Spend Local

Check out our local businesses partners for a discount

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Support Small and Local Businesses



Businesses are starting to reopen so now is the time to play your part, this can be as small as sharing a post on social media to let other people know they are open, other ways you can help include:


  • Shop your local stores online! Most retailers are now offering their products on their website, even if they hadn’t been doing so previously.
  • Buy gift cards or credit for later from your favourite restaurants, stores, hair salons, spas,childcare providers and hardware store.
  • Order food for takeout or delivery – many restaurants are even offering pickup so you don’t have to go inside!