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The Advantages of Using a MotorCheck Voucher

A Story From One Of Our Member’s: Advantages of Using A MotorCheck Voucher


Earlier this year, one of our members was looking to buy a new car. She shopped around, looking in Ireland and the UK, before finding her ideal car based in the UK which she would have imported.


Once she found her dream car and the cost of it, she came to her local Capital Credit Union branch and took out the loan she needed to buy the car. Thanks to Capital Credit Union’s MotorCheck Voucher Offer, she received a complimentary voucher considering the sale was over €10,000.


Our member decided the use the voucher on the MotorCheck website ( and shockingly found that the car had been written off in the UK!


She had almost been conned out of thousands of euro! Thankfully our member stopped the transaction in time and didn’t lose out on any money. Our member did the smart thing by having her loan approved with Capital Credit Union rather than making a deal directly with the garage.


There are a few key points to note here:

  • Be sure to check the car history, especially if you’re importing it from the UK.
  • By taking out a loan with Capital Credit Union you own the car immediately.
  • With a CCU loan, there are no hidden fees and you have flexible repayment options.
  • Find out what you are comfortable to borrow from Capital Credit Union and then find for the car of your dreams at a cost you can afford.
  • If you are granted a loan with Capital Credit Union you have 90 days to draw down the loan, so you don’t have to rush into buying anything!
  • Avoid PCP deals that have multiple hidden clauses and hidden payments.


Capital Credit Union is always here to help our members and with our Think Big Loans we can offer loans up to €100,000! See our loan calculator here:


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