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Thinking of Going Green? Think of New Windows!

Thinking of Going Green? Think of New Windows!

Welcome to the third edition in Capital Credit Union’s series, Thinking of Going Green!

When deciding to make your home more energy-efficient, one of the first things many people will consider upgrading is their windows. This is a wise first move as according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) up to 10% of a home’s heat is lost through their windows, and this can especially be the case with older homes.


What are your options for upgrading your windows? The first thing to consider would be upgrading the glass you can go for single, double, or triple glazer or even argon-filled thermal windows this will of course all depend on your budget. Double-glazed offer great value but if you are looking to really enhance your homes energy rating to get the maximum grant then triple-glazed or argon-filled thermal windows may be the best option.

Frames & Seals

The next big decision is choosing between uPVC or timber frames. One is not better than the other so considerations like aesthetics and budget will also be important deciding factors. However, what you need to be aware of is the insulation standard of the window and more specifically the Window Energy Rating (WER) as there are several different rating schemes. The WER rates the whole window including the frame’s energy efficiency using a letter grade typically from A to G or similar, taking different factors into account such as the thermal efficiency, air leakage and solar gain.

Finally, you can add seals around your doors and windows to stop air from leaking out through the gaps this is a relatively cheap and simple option and can be a good place to start.


If you are considering upgrading your windows, be sure to check out all the available SEAI grants and for additional support, Capital Credit Union now have a range of Green Loans with rates starting from just 5.9% (6.06% APR).

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