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DIY Home Improvement Tips

DIY Home Improvement Tips

Being stuck inside can have negative impacts on our lives, so why not focus on the positives? As we start to see the lifting of restrictions, many of us have been staring at the walls of our houses long enough to start generating both large & small improvement ideas to brighten up the place. If you are looking at making some changes to your home, we have put together some Home Improvement Tips to get you started.

1.  Know What You WantHome Improvement

Now, before you start ordering new wardrobes or throwing out old furniture, make a list of everything you think should be changed. This can vary from a new lick of paint in the bathroom, to getting that new island in the kitchen or even giving yourself a new walk in wardrobe. Check out Skon Design if you are thinking of doing so, The important thing is to know what you want, how much it will cost and how busy things will get once construction starts. Break jobs down into DIY and what requires a professional.



2.  Get Advice (All of it!)

You might have a beautiful plan for your new and improved home, but bear in mind you have been in isolation for the past month or so! So, many things might look good on paper, but you might not know how to do all of these jobs by yourself. Talk to someone who already did a similar job on their home and ask how the whole process went, it might save you some valuable time and stress.

3.  Have A Plan

If you made a list, you might have a large number of jobs to do on your plate. This is why making a plan over a period of time comes in handy, you could start by combining the costs for each job ranging from small to large. If you require finance, why not check out our Home Improvement Loan. Check how much you can borrow with our Loan Calculator below.



4. It’ll Cost…  (So Keep A Handle On It!)

Depending on the amount of jobs on your list and the size of each job. You should bear in mind that home renovations are rarely cheap. If you don’t have previous experience in this area, it might be a bit of a shock for how much even a new shower can cost!

So, be sure to have a contingency budget for the unforeseen and keep track of the costs with your contractor.



5. The Right Contractor

Getting the right contractor will make the world of a difference. If you can find someone who is good on price and communicates well, half the battle is won. This ties in with all the previous points, the need to know what you want and understand what you’re getting into. By giving all this information to a contractor you trust, the job won’t be half as stressful.

Bonus Tip!

A loan with Capital Credit Union is really easy to arrange and will give you great value. With us, you can borrow up to €100,000 for your home improvements. Most of our loans are approved within 24 to 48 hours.

We base our loan approvals on your ability to repay a loan, which means you can apply for a loan on the day you join the Credit Union!

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