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Deposit Accounts

Key Features
  • Applications for these accounts will become available on 29th April 2024 and shall remain available to members until 24th May 2024, unless oversubscribed.
  • Minimum amount: €2,500.
  • Maximum amount: €50,000
  • One lump sum lodgement from your existing Shares Account is permitted.
  • No withdrawals are permitted during the chosen term. A premature withdrawal means you forfeit any interest earned and close your deposit account.
  • The Fixed Term period will start on 31st May 2024 and will end on the Maturity Date applicable to the account you selected.
  • All interest earned will be subject to DIRT and will be deducted at source at the applicable rate.
  • Interest payable monthly to the Deposit Account.
  • Your Life Savings Cover will not be impacted by setting up a Deposit Account.
  • You may open one of each Deposit Account type to a maximum of €50,000 combined.
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