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CU Smart Pay

How It Works & The Benefits

Step 1. Find out how much you need to borrow from our local business partner

Step 2. Make a loan application here or contact us at (01) 299 0400 or with how much you want to borrow

Step 3. A Capital Credit Union Loan Officer will get in touch and assess the loan with you

  • Priority access to our dedicated loans team
  • A great value loan with flexible repayments
  • Keep money in the local community
  • Potential discounts for members

Keep reading to see our list of partners!

CU SmartPay Partners

Windows & Doors

Classic Window Replacements (01) 284 0582
Composite Doors & Windows (01) 2164951

Solar Panels, Car Chargers, Retrofits

Renewables Ireland  01 298 6140



Care To Comfort          (01) 295 9000


SKON Design                          (01) 298 9059

Engagement Rings

Bespoke Diamonds          (01) 685 5800


Can we help you with anything?

If you would like additional information please get in touch — by phone, email, or calling at a branch. You’ll find one that suits below.