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CU Smart Pay

How it works

Step 1

Find out how much you need to borrow from our local business partner

Step 2

Contact Capital Credit Union on (01) 299 0400 or with how much you want to borrow

Step 3

A Capital Credit Union Loan Officer will get in touch and assess the loan with you

CU SmartPay Partners

Windows & Doors

Classic Window Replacements (01) 284 0582
Composite Doors & Windows (01) 2164951



Care To Comfort          (01) 295 9000


Skon Design                          (01) 298 9059
CU SmartPay Benefits

If you are a local business who wants to get involved don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Priority access to our dedicated loans team
  • A great value loan with flexible repayments
  • Keep money in the local community
  • Special discounts for Capital CU Members
Can we help you with anything?

If you would like additional information please get in touch — by phone, email, or calling at a branch. You’ll find one that suits below.