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Food Voucher Partnership With Trinity College Student’s Union

Food Voucher Partnership With Trinity College Student’s Union

New Partnership Between Capital Credit Union and Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union

Capital Credit Union is proud to partner with Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union to support students who are struggling financially with food vouchers.

The increasing cost of living is disproportionately affecting students with high rents and inflation. This has led to many students struggling financially and not being able to afford essential supplies.

The food vouchers will be administered by the TCDSU Welfare & Equality Officer through their engagement with students. The monetary voucher gives the student autonomy to choose their items themselves, rather than being left with items that they may not need or want.

James Liston, Business Development Manager for Capital Credit Union said, “Capital Credit Union hopes this initiative can provide stability and additional help to students in Trinity College Dublin. We have worked with Student Unions for many years, especially for our Education Scholarship, and we can see the increasing pressure that students are under. As a Credit Union, we are focused on the economic and social well-being of our members, and this is a unique opportunity to support third-level students.”

Julie Smirnova, Communications Officer, and Cholie Staunton, Welfare Office, from TCD Student’s Union said, “If you are a Trinity student in need of food aid, you can now reach out to the TCDSU Welfare & Equality Officer for emergency grocery vouchers. We are grateful to Capital Credit Union for providing financial support to TCDSU members who are at risk of food poverty. We hope that it will reassure students who are anxious about how they will afford to eat that day or that week. It is unacceptable that people are struggling to buy basic staples — we have had more and more students asking for help, saying that they are skipping meals or lectures because they can’t afford to travel into the city. This isn’t normal. Every person should have enough to survive. TCD Students’ Union works for every student in Trinity, and we will continue to fight against financial barriers to education.