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Our Green Projects

Our Green Projects

Capital Credit Union is committed to being a sustainable organisation and has taken several steps in recent years to do so. Keep reading to see what we are doing to help the planet.

Low-Cost Finance

As a Credit Union, lending to our members is our primary focus. To help our members with their green projects, we offer discounted Green Loans starting from just 5.9%. Members retain an early repayment option and there are the usual flexible repayment options. See our Green Loans here.

E-AGM Notifications

We offer all members the option to receive their AGM Notifications by email. This reduces the needless printing of paper and ensures our members are kept fully up to date. To receive your AGM notification by email, please click here.

Going Green Grant

For the past two years, we have offered €500 Going Green Grants to secondary schools in our catchment area. These grants help finance innovative projects by our future leaders and helps educate the wider school network. To see the recipients of the 2022 grants, click here.

Sustainable Energy Community

We registered as a Sustainable Energy Community in 2021 and as part of this, we are conducting an Energy Master Plan. This will be a comprehensive document that will provide the blueprint for creating a more sustainable community. For more information, click here.

Community Sponsorships

Supporting the community is what a Credit Union is all about. Every year we sponsor tens of thousands of euros in community projects, and we ensure this money goes to sustainable community groups. To keep up to date on our sponsorships, follow our social media channels.

Sustainability Committee

We also have an internal Sustainability Committee who are focused on making the operations of the Credit Union more energy efficient and reducing our waste. All our staff are fully committed to being a more sustainable organisation.