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Introducing Our New Prize Draw

Introducing Our New Prize Draw

From January 2023, Capital Credit Union’s Car Draw will be changing to a Prize Draw.

With at least €35,000 given away each month, there will be extra prizes given away every month which includes a bigger top prize of €20,000!

This means there is more flexibility for members by allowing the top prize winner to do what they like with €20,000 in cash – whether it is a new car, a holiday or both!

The Prize Draw will remain at just €5 a month and current Car Draw members don’t need to change anything, as the €5 will continue to be deducted monthly. Members who want to join the Prize Draw can continue to sign up online or in a branch. The new monthly prizes are as follows:

  • €20,000 x 1
  • €5,000 x 1
  • €1,000 x 5
  • €500 x 10

We look forward to launching the new Prize Draw and aside from the prizes, everything else will stay the same. It will still be held live in one of our branches on the last Friday of the month and we will continue to host Bumper Car Draws throughout the year.

If you would like to sign up, click here.