Capital Credit Union Security Zone

We are committed to keeping your account secure, so you can manage your payments with confidence. To help you learn how you can protect yourself from fraudsters, read our guidance so that you can spot common scams and know how to avoid them.


Learn more about Phishing Scams, how to recognise and avoid them.


Learn More about Phishing Scams

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Please report any suspicious texts or emails requesting you to disclose your personal details.


Please call us on: 01 299 0400 


We have been made aware of an increase in the number of fraud cases involving Credit Union members across the country.


 Read how to protect yourself against fraud


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FraudSmart – is a fraud awareness initiative providing education on fraud and scams for personal use. The website offers tips, advice, case studies and fraud alerts to help you protect yourself against fraudsters.

 Visit the FraudSmart website to stay up to date with fraud alerts