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What happens after I make contact with Zurich?

What happens after I make contact with Zurich?

A Zurich Financial Planner will explore your needs and will develop a financial plan tailored for you.

Will I need to physically meet a Zurich Financial Planner?

No. Face to face contact is not necessary in Zurich’s advice process.

Zurich will arrange all financial products for you over the phone, via email or through a video call. Information can also be issued to you and returned to a Financial Planner via post.

What information will I need to provide to Zurich?

Zurich will need to gather some personal and financial information from you in order to assess your circumstances. Zurich are required to do this under the consumer protection code but more importantly, it allows them to highlight the best solution from their range of products.

How long will the overall consultation take?

Typically the information gathering, needs assessment and our recommendations of any products will require 2 – 3 interactions between you and Zurich’s Financial Planner.

Does this affect my membership of the credit union in any way?

No. As long as you retain some savings within the credit union, you will continue to be a valued member and enjoy all of the membership benefits which we provide.

If you purchase a Zurich product through this collaboration you will become a Zurich Life customer and your dedicated Financial Planner will continue to be available to you after the initial advice process. You will also have access to Zurich's online customer centre, which allows you to view your personal dashboard 24/7.

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