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What is a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)?

What is a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)?

A SEC is a group of people who come together to improve how energy is used for the benefit of their community. They look at how we can use energy in a sustainable, holistic way. Energy communities often look at projects in homes, transport, and local business. They also look at community buildings such as schools, community centres, and sports facilities.

Why is Capital Credit Union a SEC?

Capital Credit Union became a SEC to become a champion of sustainability in the community. Capital Credit Union has undertaken many sustainability projects over the years and becoming a SEC helped develop a long-term strategy.

What is involved in being a SEC?

There are three steps – Learn, Plan and Do – Capital Credit Union is on the ‘Do’ stage now.

The ‘Learn’ stage is about understanding your community and Capital Credit Union did this through a major member survey with over 2,500 responses.

The ‘Plan’ stage is about a comprehensive energy analysis of the community through an Energy Master Plan and Capital Credit Union received funding from SEAI to do this.

The ‘Do’ stage is where we are at now, it is all about educating our members on energy and supporting members who want to complete retrofits.

What are the workshops about?

The ‘Better Energy Use Workshops’ are all about education and information. Here members will learn how to reduce energy consumption, understand their energy bills and much more!

The ‘Energy Upgrades Workshops’ are for members interested in getting works done to improve their homes whether it is new windows, insulation, or even solar panels!

How does it work?

We suggest that everyone attends the ‘Better Energy Use Workshops’ to learn as much as they can about their energy use.

However, if you’re really interested in getting works done and have an idea of what you want to do, you should complete our short ‘Expression of Interest Form’. This information will be passed onto our partners Energy Team who are experts in retrofitting.

They will follow up with all members to discuss the works they’d like to achieve and what grants they can apply for.

All grants are available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

What grants are available?

There are a range of grants available. For a full list of the grants, click

How does the Energy Upgrade process work?

To help our members understand the Energy Upgrade process, we have prepared an infographic with Energy Team that highlights the different steps. To read this, click

How long does everything take?

Usually eight months from application to completion of works, but this can depend on the complexity of the works. We only use qualified SEAI approved installers.

How much is the assessment fee in Step 2?

The assessment is a full technical assessment which includes a Better Energy Rating (BER) and Heat Loss Indicator of your home and costs €700 which has to be paid before the assessment.

If you decide to include your home in this Communities programme, then SEAI will reimburse you €350 of this fee – this depends on your home being suitable for upgrade under the SEAI BEC criteria.

Do I get to choose what works I want done?

When the technical assessment is completed on your home, it sets out the best solutions for your home to get from its present state to B2 Better Energy Rating (BER) standard. This is a best practice approach and recommended by SEAI.

Do I get the grant before or after the works?

The best solutions for your home that will be identified in the Technical Assessment will allow us to prepare a quote for you to consider.

In this quote the grant amount will be included, so you will only have to pay the net amount after the grant is applied – so the grant will be applied before the works.

Can I just have windows and doors upgraded?

No. Windows and doors are only supported by SEAI as part of an overall energy upgrade to your home.

Can I just have PV/Electric Panels?

Yes. PV Panels (electric) are available as an individual measure.

How much will a home upgrade cost me?

A home upgrade is dependent on the Technical Assessment to provide accurate information which will be used to provide a quote of overall cost.

Will I have to leave my home?

No. You will not have to vacate your home. The works are carried out with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities in the home

Will there be need for remedial works after the installations?

No. The works are carried out with minimal disruption to the structure of the home.

Can I pay by cash?

No. Online payments are the accepted methods of payment.

What happens if I need finance?

Capital Credit Union provides discounted Green Loans to our members. All our loans come with flexible repayment terms and an early repayment option.

To see what your repayments look like, click

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